... Spring/Summer 2016 Fashion – The Revival of Trends from the 70s Frave Classics Hot Blouse

Posted by Vivian Kyekye

Just when we thought that the world of fashion would close the chapter of fashion from the 70's, it came back with a bang (an even bigger bang this time).

The 70's fashions and trends have remained a part of our lives since forever, but it has always entered modern fashion with a slight twist each time. This year is no different, and many women are mesmerised by it yet again.

Without going on and on about how great the revival is, let’s hit the keys and take a look at the best summer/spring fashion styles of 2016 (with 70's being a great inspiration).

Pleats with a Modern Twist

Without a doubt, pleats were the most loved trends in the 70s, and with them returning on the spring/summer 2016 runway, we can’t be happier. However, those big pleats have been given a pretty modern twist. https://frave-classics.myshopify.com/products/pussybow-sheer-pleated-blouse

The pleats that are trending right now are quite micro, smaller than they ever were. Many designers arranged these micro-finish pleats on skirts to give the whole outfit a chic and playful look. From short tropical dresses to decorated mini-skirts, pleats are everywhere and should be every girl’s choice this spring and summer. https://frave-classics.myshopify.com/products/black-sheer-ruffle-front-blouse 

Pretty Bold Stripes

Stripes have been a favourite for decades now, but their popularity increased in the 70s. In many of the various 2016 spring/summer fashion runways, beautiful models were seen flaunting bold horizontal and vertical stripes. https://frave-classics.myshopify.com/products/navy-geometric-print-d-ring-belted-shirt-dress


Big names in the fashion industry including Marc Jacobs opted for striking stripes in graphic prints. Many designers chose a varied colour palette for their striped dresses including skirts, long and short dresses, and tops. Some dresses were a combination of horizontal and vertical https://frave-classics.myshopify.com/products/monochrome-stripe-print-oversize-top


Cute Frilled Tops and Dresses

Another major 70's trend that dominated the summer/spring 2016 runways was that of frills. Frills were seen everywhere; from cold shoulder dresses to ruffled shirts, making everyone fall in love with them all over again.The Victorian inspired looks were also very popular in many shows, but what really baffled everyone was the smart use of frills in every piece. 

The New Year has started with some interesting fashion trends that are quite timeless. Each of the trends mentioned above can be flaunted for several years. The major inspiration behind 2016 spring/summer fashion trends seemed to be the golden 70s era.

Even after four long decades, trends from the 70's continue to go strong, and just like everyone else, we too are quite excited to see what the designers have in store for us come fall season. https://frave-classics.myshopify.com/products/powder-blue-chiffon-ruffle-front-blouse